LPDDR4 Mobile Memory Interposers

LPDDR4 Mobile Memory Interposers

Key Features

  • High fidelity interposers for LPDDR4
  • Low and high-speed operation
  • Data rates exceeding 4,267MT/s
  • Enables oscilloscope or logic/memory analyzer probing
  • Patented interposer/probe designs


  • LPDDR4
    • Memory validation and debug
    • Monitoring bus traffic
    • Bus traffic measurement
    • Optimization of memory performance
    • Analog insight
  • LPDDR4 rates above LPDDR4-4267

Low power double-data rate fourth-generation (LPDDR4) mobile memory technologies are developed by the Joint Electronic Devices Engineering Council (JEDEC) for use in handheld devices or applications where low-power and small size is critical.

Nexus Technology offers high quality and high fidelity interposers, enabling the industry to confidently and accurately gain access to LPDDR4 mobile memory buses for debug and compliance verification. …


LPDDR4 mobile memory is available in standard Ball-Grid-Array (BGA) component packages. Standard BGA packages are soldered directly to the printed circuit board (PCB). Interposers are available for component packages detailed below:

  Interposers Options
Oscilloscope MA Instrument
Package (ChxDb) EdgeProbe™ Direct Attach Logic Compliance Riser Component Socket
149 Ball (2×16) * Yes  No
200 Ball (2×16) ✓ (XH) ✓ (XH) Yes  Yes
254 Ball (2×16) * ✓ (XH) Yes  Yes
272 Ball (4×16)  ✓ Yes  Yes
366 Ball (4×16) * Yes  Yes
432 Ball (4×16) * Yes  No
556 Ball Contact Nexus Contact Nexus Contact Nexus Yes No
Custom Custom designs are also available. Please contact us.

* If you don’t see what you need, please contact us for the most up to date information.
(XH) XH Series

XH Series

Nexus Technology’s XH Series interposers bring new enhancements to the EdgeProbe™ and Direct Attach types of memory component interposers that maintain signal integrity across the interposer path as well as provide for extremely high-fidelity oscilloscope probe points for both leading edge and emerging memory technologies.

Attachment Service

Attachment Service

Nexus Technology’s expert attachment service provides a ready-to-go test solution customized to your application. We will attach the interposer and any additional accessories to your application’s target. We can also power-on and test your application to confirm functionality.

Electrical Analysis

Electrical Analysis

Electrical analysis is enabled by using either an EdgeProbe, High Density, or Socketed interposer to capture memory activity on an oscilloscope. The oscilloscope is then used to debug, analyze, and verify the analog characteristics of your design. Presenting an accurate representation of the signals under test to the oscilloscope is critical. Nexus interposers provide an unobtrusive interconnect and accurate signal to your oscilloscope.

Logic / Compliance Analysis

Logic / Compliance Analysis

Logic analysis is performed using a logic / compliance interposer to capture memory activity on a logic or memory analyzer. The logic or memory analyzer is then used to debug, analyze, and verify the logic (basic protocol) of your design. Compliance analysis uses the same interposers to capture activity on a memory analyzer. The memory analyzer is then used to debug, analyze, margin test, performance analyze, and verify the memory protocol.




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